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Icons for mw:Extension:WikiEditor. See also: OOUI_icons for the modern icons.

Textformat Icons[edit]

If you want to create your own icon in this style, read this how-to page.




Bold italic[edit]

Additional Tags[edit]

List by language[edit]

This is a list of all existing localized icons. It does not necessarily mean that these icons are actually used by the language specific WP.

Language(s) Bold Icon Italics Icon
Universal Roman (Default)
English (en)
plus: Czech (cs), Hebrew (he), Polish (pl)
Danish (da), German (de), Norwegian (no), Swedish (sv)
French (fr)
Spanish (es)
Hungarian (hu)
Italian (it)
Dutch (nl)
Portuguese (pt, pt-br)
Chinese (zh)
Telugu (te)
Russian (ru)
plus: Ukrainian (uk)
Georgian (ka)
Ossetian (os)
Armenian (hy)
Chechen (ce)

Symbolic Icons[edit]

If you want to create new ones that follow the Vector Toolbar Style use GNOME Desktop icons Tango icons as a basis.