Wikimania 2005 Presentations

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Currently this has just video of the presentations; audio is available separately. The schedule page is: 2005 programme schedule.

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Index of Presentations

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historical view

Temporarily, some of the videos are available here: archive copy at the Wayback Machine

Please report any issues with the videos on the talk page.

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MediaWiki and the Semantic Web[edit]

The Politics of Wikipedia[edit]

  • Jean-Baptiste Soufron: Politics of Wikipedia[dead link] (broken)
  • Isaac Mao: We-create-pedia in China
  • Ascánder Suarez, Juan David Ruiz: The Spanish Fork of Wikipedia (6:32, abstract)
  • Jimmy Wales: Raising Political Dialogue to a Higher Level

Wikimedia in the Developing World[edit]

Global Voices Panel[edit]

Dictionary Session[edit]

Other Talks[edit]

Interviews at Wikimania 2005[edit]


On Documentary about Wikipedia, shot at Wikimania 2005, by Rory O'Connor from Globalvision Inc.


  • Achal Prabhala
  • Andreas Brändle
  • Andrew Lih
  • Anthere
  • Ascánder Suarez and Juan David Ruiz
  • Brion Vibber (multi-license) (abstract, slides)
  • Cormac Lawler (Paper, notes and slides) (gfdl; cc-by-sa)
  • Daniel Kinzler (Duesentrieb) (presentation audio - see paper)
  • Denny
  • Domas Mituzas
  • Erik Möller (PD)
  • Erik Zachte (abstract, slides, speaker notes)
  • Eugene Kim
  • Gerard Meijssen (please link to presentation slides, Where are they?)
  • Hossein Derakhshan
  • Isaac Mao (abstract)
  • Isam Bayazidi
  • Jakob Voss
  • Janne Jalkanen (abstract)
  • Jimmy Wales
  • John Breslin
  • Kasper Souren
  • Kilian Kissling
  • Lambert Heller
  • Milton Ainehuranga
  • Mingli Yuan (Chinese Wikipedia) and Wing
  • Roland Burger (what about the woman that took part?)
  • Ross Mayfield (check again by email)
  • Salvor Gissurardottir
  • Samuel Klein video of presentation,
  • Sunir Shah
  • Tim Starling (abstract)
  • Tsahi Hayat
  • Ward Cunningham (1:2?:??, where are the slides?)

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Not to be published[edit]

  • Board panel
  • Jan-Bart de Vreede


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