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Wikimedia Bangladesh
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Wikimedia Bangladesh is the charity which promotes Wikimedia Commons and other Wikimedia projects in Bangladesh.

That includes encouraging Bangladesh cultural institutions to release material to Commons. The entire support results for commons are available on Category:Supported by Wikimedia Bangladesh. Among other activities − detailed on Meta.

How do we help?[edit]

Liaising with institutions: Especially through our Wikimedians in Residence, the charity seeks to persuade cultural institutions to release their images under a Creative Commons license. If you have something on your wishlist, get in touch with

Supporting open knowledge[edit]

One of the charity's strategic goals is to develop open knowledge. One of the measures Wikimedia Bangladesh uses to assess the impact on the quality of open knowledge is the number of Featured (FP), Quality (QI), and Valued Images (VI) supported by the chapter. Below is a sample of some of the files which have been through the various quality assessment processes. More can be found here: Cscr-featured.svg FPs, Quality images logo.svg QIs, and Valued image seal.svg VIs.