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The source image.
Image before folks added more pics
Final version

This mosaic is intended to commemorate the one millionth uploaded file at Wikimedia Commons. We chose the Wikimedia Foundation[1] logo because it would be easy to represent well at a fairly coarse resolution, because it is a relatively simple image, and because it represents the Foundation itself.

The point of this mosaic is to visually represent the breadth of images that are available here at Commons. We picked a representative starting set but we need more images... That's where you come in!

Warning! There are no more duplicate images. Please do not replace images without a careful thought.

Please consider following before you replace images:

  • check the license of the image that is in the mosaic - doubts about that license might be taken into consideration
  • images that might be (or are) marked as quality images, shouldn't be replaced (the same goes to featured pictures)
  • have a look at current shapes and think if the new image will fit better in the mosaic

You can help[edit]

So then... edit in some of your favourite images right into the mosaic. Pick an image you like that:

  • is primarily one of the four colors used (red, green, blue or more or less white)
  • has a 4:3 aspect ratio exactly (for example 1600x1200 works, or 800x600)
    • Please note — this is really important! If you use images that are too wide, it introduces gaps.
      • Images that are too wide will have a small gap above and below them which one can fix by applying correct background (so it is OK for white images), but please avoid it.
      • Images that are too tall make EVERY OTHER IMAGE in the row have a small gap. Please don't do that!
      • See Talk:Wikimedia_logo_mosaic#Dimension checker for something you can add to your monobook if you are doing a lot, or just do the math on the image dimensions — width divided by height should be exactly or very close to 1.3333...

Editing the mosaic by yourself[edit]

  • Move mouse over the image you want to replace. Take note of the row and column in the title text (you may have to suppress Navigation Popups... when the popup displays, go into the popups submenu and disable them for this page till you reload)
  • Edit the page.
    • The page uses a template to keep the amount of markup less...
    • There are large comments to let you know which row to edit.
    • Go down the row to find the column (12=image.jpg for example).
    • Replace that image with yours.
    • Preview to check your work. If the image is not exactly 4x3 the whole table structure might be thrown off (and you might be reverted if you leave it in)
  • save and enjoy the improvement you just made!
  • If you want, come back here and add the image to the gallery. (optional)
  • Important - Unless you yourself added it, please do not replace an image that there is only one of in the mosaic, that image was one added by someone else. Replace one of the original images listed on Image:WikimediaMosaicCompositeCapture.jpg -- especially the 'white' images need updating because they weren't really so white! Improving the contrast between colour borders is important. (all images are now unique)

If you find editing of the mosaic too hard...[edit]

There are some users that will check the gallery below and see if they can add images to the mosaic. So you can simply add your images to the gallery and they might be added in the mosaic. Please note that there are no more duplicate images, so most probably only low quality images will be replaced and it's not an easy task to find them in the mosaic. If you want to help please consider checking licensing and quality of images currently in the mosaic.


This work is due to the efforts of many Commoners:

  • User:pfctdayelise - initial idea and image selection
  • User:Gmaxwell - Database work, identified thousands of potential 4:3 images for the project
  • User:Lar - Template development, programming in excel to generate the table.
  • You! Add your images in and let's make this mosaic a truly common effort.

If you're interested in a copy of the spreadsheet used to generate this, please contact Lar.

The galleries[edit]

The mosaic is now finished, so please do not add new images to them, because they will not be inserted in the mosaic.


  1. Note that this logo is copyright by the foundation, but this is a foundation project. We checked with Danny to make sure this was an approved usage. His quote: "I think it is cool", so we think we're good there! For more information about WMF copyrights, see {{CopyrightByWikimedia}}.