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English: The Wiki-sisters are characters representing Wikimedia projects; three of the characters were designed by Kasuga, with others by various other Wikimedians. Despite the name, the Wiki-sisters are not all female, and they may not all be kin; however, unlike other Wikimedia-related mascots, they all appear human. Sections are arranged by which project is represented, in the order that they appear on the homepage.



Wikipe-tan was invented by Kasuga.

Wikipe-tan reversed

Wikipe-tan front view

Wikipe-tan in color

Dansk: Wikipe-tan er en af personificeringerne af Wikipedia i form af en animepige.
Deutsch: Wikipe-tan ist ein Maskottchen der Wikipedia im Manga-Stil.
English: Wikipe-tan is one of the personifications of Wikipedia. The "-tan" in "Wikipe-tan" is a hypocoristic suffix, in the form of a Japanese title. Like the OS-tans, she is a product of moe anthropomorphism.
Esperanto: Wikipe-tan, aŭ Vikipenjo, estas la moea-antropomorfisma personformigo de Vikipedio.
Español: Wikipe-tan es la mascota del Wikiproyecto de manga y anime y fue candidata a ser la mascota de Wikipedia. Su nombre se deriva de Wikipedia y el sufijo hipocorístico japonés -tan, ya que esta personificación representa a una OS-Tan, una de las formas más conocidas de moe gijinka.
Français : Wikipe-tan est une des personnifications de Wikipédia. le suffixe "-tan" est un suffixe hypocoristique.
Bahasa Indonesia: Wikipe-tan adalah salah satu personifikasi dari Wikipedia. Kata "-tan" dalam "Wikipe-tan" adalah kata tambahan yang hipokoristik, dalam horonifik Jepang. Seperti dalam OS-tans, dia adalah hasil dari antropomorfisme moe.
Italiano: Wikipe-tan è una personificazione di Wikipedia. Nel suo nome "-tan" è un suffisso ipocoristico del titolo giapponese "-chan".
日本語: ウィキペたんは、ウィキペディアを擬人化したキャラクターである。
한국어: 위키페탄은 위키백과를 의인화한 캐릭터의 하나이다. '탄'은 '땅'이라고도 하며, 일본어에서 이름 뒤에 붙어 친근감을 나타낸다.
Nederlands: Wikipe-tan is een verpersoonlijking van de Wikipedia in de vorm van een Manga-meisje.
Português: Wikipe-tan é uma das personificações da Wikipédia. Ela é o mascote do Projeto Animangá e da Unidade Contra Vandalismo; também é uma das mascotes da Wikipédia. O sufixo "-tan" em seu nome é hipocorístico.
中文(繁體):維基娘是一個維基百科萌擬人化版本。 「娘」譯自一個日文暱稱性質的字尾(~たん,-tan),是「姑娘、少女」的意思。
Svenska: Wikipe-tan är en av Wikipedias inofiiciella maskotar. -tan-ändelsen i hennes namn är en så kallad hypokorism.
Tagalog: Si Wikipe-tan ay ang isa sa mga personipikasyon ng Wikipedia. Ang "-tan" sa "Wikipe-tan" ay isang hipokoristikong hulapi, sa porma ng isang Hapones na titulo. Tulad ng mga OS-tan, siya ay isang produkto ng moe antropomorpismo.
Tiếng Việt: Wikipe-tan là một trong những nhân cách hóa của Wikipedia. Tiểu tố "-tan" trong "Wikipe-tan" là một hậu tố mang ý nghĩa thân mật và mang hình thức của kính ngữ. Giống như OS-tan, cô là một sản phẩm mang hình dáng nhân hóa moe.

Wikipe-tan by Kasuga[edit]

Cropped versions and other minor edits[edit]

Wikipe-tan by others[edit]


Counter Vandalism Unit[edit]



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Wikiquote-tan a.k.a. Quote-tan was invented by Kasuga.

English: Wikiquote-tan is one of the personifications of Wikiquote. The "-tan" in "Wikiquote-tan" is a hypocoristic suffix, in the form of a Japanese title. Like the OS-tans, she is a product of moe anthropomorphism.

by Kasuga and others[edit]




Wikinews-tan was invented by Lilith202.



Wikispecies-tan was invented by 燃灯.


Mediawiki-tan was invented by Lilith202.


Wikidata-tan was invented by MinieSakuo.

Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Commons-tan was invented by Kasuga.

English: Commons-tan is one of the personifications of Commons. The "-tan" in "Commons-tan" is a hypocoristic suffix, in the form of a Japanese title. Like the OS-tans, she is a product of moe anthropomorphism.

by Kasuga and others[edit]


Wikimedia Meta-wiki[edit]

Metawiki-tan was invented by Dronebogus.

Wikimedia Incubator[edit]

Wikimedia Cloud Services[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation[edit]