Wing emblems of the United States Air Force

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Emblems of wings of the United States Air Force. See also Category:Wing emblems of the United States Air Force.

A wing is a level of command below the Numbered Air Force or higher headquarters. A wing has a distinct mission with significant scope. A wing is usually composed of a primary mission group (e.g., operations, training) and the necessary supporting groups.

Those organizations in the USAF having headquarters are flag-bearing organizations, known as establishments, such as groups, wings, and major commands (MAJCOM). Air Force Instruction 84-105, paragraph 3.3. specifies that a USAF flag-bearing organization should display its coat of arms (i.e., emblem design) on a modified heater-shaped shield. [1]


Air National Guard wings[edit]

Air Expeditionary wings[edit]

Unnumbered wings[edit]

Inactive wings[edit]