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The Wolfsschanze was one of Adolf Hitler's headquarters during WWII.









1. Office and barracks of Hitler's bodyguard[edit]

2. RSD command center[edit]

3. Emergency generator[edit]

4. Bunker[edit]

5. Office of Otto Dietrich, Hitler's press secretary[edit]

6. Conference room, site 20 July 1944 assassination attempt[edit]

7. RSD command post[edit]

8. Guest bunker, temporary Hitler's bunker and air-raid shelter[edit]

9. RSD command post[edit]

10. Secretariat under Philipp Bouhler[edit]

11. Headquarters of Johann Rattenhuber, SS chief of Hitler's security department, and Post Office[edit]

12. Radio and telex buildings[edit]

13. Vehicle garages[edit]

14. Rail siding for Hitler's Train[edit]

15. Cinema[edit]

16. Generator buildings[edit]

17. Quarters of Morell, Bodenschatz, Hewel, Voß, Wolff and Fegelein[edit]

18. Stores[edit]

19. Residence of Martin Bormann, Hitler's personal secretary[edit]

20. Bormann's personal air-raid shelter for himself and staff[edit]

21. Office of Hitler's adjutant and the Wehrmacht's personnel office[edit]

22. Military and staff mess II[edit]

23. Quarters of General Alfred Jodl, Chief of Operations of OKW[edit]

24. Firefighting pond[edit]

25. Office of the Foreign Ministry[edit]

26. Quarters of Fritz Todt, then after his death Albert Speer[edit]

27. RSD command post[edit]

28. Air-raid shelter with Flak and MG units on the roof[edit]

29. Hitler's bunker air-raid shelter for himself[edit]

29. Military and staff mess I[edit]

30. New tearoom[edit]

31. Residence of General Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, supreme commander of OKW[edit]

32. Old Teahouse[edit]

33. Residence of Reich Marshal Hermann Göring[edit]

34. Göring's personal air-raid shelter for himself and staff, with Flak and MG on the roof[edit]

35. Offices of the High Command of the Air Force[edit]

36. Offices of the High command of the Navy[edit]

37. Bunker with Flak[edit]

38. Ketrzyn railway line[edit]

39. Others[edit]

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