World War II British and Commonwealth military vehicles markings

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Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-738-0269-07, Villers-Bocage, zerstörter britischer Panzer.jpg

Vehicles camouflage[edit]

European TO[edit]

Middle-East and North Africa[edit]


Technical markings: recognition markings, WD Numbers and Bridge classification[edit]


War Department number[edit]

Bridge classification and others[edit]

Arm of service markings[edit]

Type of unit : Armies, Corps, Divisions and Brigades[edit]

British Vehicules used Divisional Insignia on the Right side and Arm of Service on the left side[edit]

Armies and Corps[edit]

Armoured formations insignas[edit]

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Infantry formations insignas[edit]


Nicknames and temporary markings[edit]