X06 Taiwan

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  • Organized by Microsoft Taiwan Corporation.
  • Date & Time: 2006.11.03~2006.11.05 11:00~22:00
  • Place: Central Square, Taipei New World Shopping Center, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Day 1 (November 03, 2006)[edit]

Press & Retailers Conference[edit]


Day 2 (November 04, 2006)[edit]

"Videoland ONTV NewGX" Theme Day[edit]

PGR3 Taiwan Champion Yo-Cheng Liu's Challenge[edit]

PGR3-Related Product Show[edit]

Taiwan SBL players' NBA 2007 visit[edit]

Other Highlights[edit]

Day 3 (2006.11.05)[edit]

Taiwan CPBL ChinaTrust Whales baseball players friendship match[edit]

Taiwanese Band "MayDay" Jump In![edit]

Other Slide Show[edit]