Ypsilanti Water Tower

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The Ypsilanti Water Tower is a historic water tower in Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States. Completed in 1890, the tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and has been judged the "World's Most Phallic Building".

Entire tower[edit]

Entire tower viewed from the west[edit]

This is the most common view of the Ypsilanti Water Tower, thought of by many as the "front", since this is the approach coming into Ypsilanti, and gives a view of the bust of Demetrios Ypsilantis and the US and Greek flags. Because the road divides just before reaching the tower, this also provides the least-obstructed view of the water tower.

Entire tower viewed from the south[edit]

Most southern views of the Ypsilanti Water Tower are at least partially obstructed, either by trees on Summit Street, or closer, by the stoplight (and supports) at the intersection of Summit and Washtenaw. This angle does allow a view of the water tower with several historic buildings on the Eastern Michigan University campus (primarily McKenny Hall and/or Welch Hall).

Entire tower viewed from the southeast[edit]

Although this angle gives a good view of the tower, it is infrequently seen today because Washtenaw Avenue on this side is a one-way road going away from the tower.

Entire tower viewed from the east[edit]

The approach from the east gives the most impressive view of the Ypsilanti Water Tower, as this is the only approach that gives a sense of the elevation of the tower relative to the rest of the city. However, the view is highly obstructed by trees, by power lines and stop lights over Cross Street, and closer to the tower by multi-story buildings on the south side of the road and the stoplight at the intersection of Cross Street and Summit.

Detail of the tower[edit]


Surrounding objects[edit]