Zhongshan Park

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中文: 北京中山公园位于天安门西侧,于故宫一墙之隔。它原是明清两代的社稷坛,与太庙(今劳动人民文化宫)一起沿袭周代以来“左祖右社”的礼制建造。中山公园现占地23万平方米,是—座纪念性的古典坛庙园林。

中山公园正门 South gate of the Zhongshan Park[edit]

孙中山像 Sun Yat-sen's Bronze Statue[edit]


请见社稷坛(see also She ji tan

石狮 Stone lions[edit]

保卫和平坊 Defending Peace Archway[edit]

Marble memorial archway erected by Qing to commemorate Baron von Kettler, killed during the Yihetuan Movement in 1900. This archway originally stood outside the western entrance to the Xizongbu Alley, but after Germany's defeat in World War I, it was removed to the Zhongshan Park and inscribed with the words "Triumph of Righteousness"(Gongli Zhansheng). After 1949 it was rein scribed in Guo Moruo's handwriting with "Defend the Peace" (Baowei Heping).

习礼亭 The Practising Pavilion[edit]

兰亭八柱亭 The Lanting Otastyle Pavilion[edit]

唐花坞 Tanghuawu Pavilion[edit]

中山音乐堂 Zhongshan Music Hall[edit]


格言亭 Maxim Pavilion[edit]

树木花卉 Plant[edit]