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Gloria Dei Church, known locally as Old Swedes', is located in the Southwark neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 929 South Water Street, and is bounded by Christian Street on the north, South Christopher Columbus Boulvard on the east, and Washington Avenue on the south. It was built between 1698 and 1700, making it the oldest church in Pennsylvania and second oldest Swedish church in the United States after Holy Trinity Church (Old Swedes') in Wilmington, Delaware. The carpenters for the building were John Smart and John Buett and the church diaplays the English vernacular style of church design, which combines elements of the Medieval and Gothic styles. The church's vestry and entranceway were added in 1703 to buttress the walls, which had begun to buckle under the weight of the roof. The tower was added c.1733, and interior alterations were made in 1845, designed by Samuel Sloan. (Sources: Phiadelphia Architecture: A Guide to the City (FFA, 1994) and Architecture in Philadelphia: A Guide (1974, MIT Press))

The congregation dates to 1677, and the graveyard to about the same time. Formerly Sewdish Lutheran, the church has been Episcopalian since 1845.