Grey horses

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English: All gray horses are born with a darker-colored coat that gradually gets lighter as the horse ages. Horses born with intermixed black and white hairs that do not get progressively lighter with age are Blue Roans. Horses with a solid gray colored coat from birth, that has no intermixed white hairs, and does not lighten with age are blue duns or grullos. (en:grullo)
Deutsch: Pferde die tatsächlich grau sind, sind gewöhnlich Mausfalben

Fohlen, Foals[edit]

English: Foals are born in every posseible color, for example bay, chestnut or black, and lighten as they age
Deutsch: Schimmel können je nach genetischer Grundlage in jeder Farbe geboren werden (Braune, Rappen, Füchse, Isabellen, Schecken) und werden mit der Zeit weiß.

Foals which don't show signs of greying out (yet)[edit]

At least 50% of these foals are genetically greys themselves and will grey out with time.

Foals which have started to gray out[edit]

Greying, Ausschimmeln[edit]

English: Gray horses are dark when young and lighten as they age. Most are fully white or flea-bitten by an average age of 10 or 12, though some horses gray faster or slower than this, and some never turn properly grey or white. Some breeds and lines have exceptionally fast graying.

Apfelschimmel, dappled grey[edit]

Deutsch: Apfelschimmel. Pferde mit dieser Zeichnung werden meist im Laufe ihres Lebens völlig weiß oder zu Fliegenschimmeln.
English: dappled grey, Horses that develop a dapple gray pattern will eventually become completely white or fleabitten

Fliegenschimmel, Fleabitten grey[edit]

Deutsch: Fliegenschimmel. Diese Zeichnung bleibt öfters bis zum Ende des Lebens erhalten.
English: Fleabitten Gray. A horse that has completely changed its base coat will either be pure white or "flea-bitten" gray.

Nearly white Greys, Fast weiße Schimmel[edit]