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About Me[edit]

I live in Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico, I Am 20 years old, My mainly interests are Soccer, Supermarkets, Music and Buses.

My Favourite Sports[edit]

My Favourite Sports Teams[edit]

My Favourite Foods[edit]

Some of my favourite artists and groups[edit]

I contribuite with a Nokia X2 cameraphone, a Vanta @pix 4060 Digital camera a.k.a. Digital Cam and formerly with Nokia 5300 cameraphone and a w:en:Sony Ericsson K310 mobile phone.

Photos that I took[edit]

You can see these photos in Category:Alx 91

Categories that I created[edit]

  1. Category:Soriana
  2. Category:Supermarkets of Mexico
  3. Category:Hobart Corporation
  4. Category:PD-Mexico
  5. Category:FOP
  6. Category:Trademark symbols
  7. Category:Gómez Palacio
  8. Category:Mettler-Toledo
  9. Category:H-E-B
  10. Category:Hobart Quantum
  11. Category:Checkouts
  12. Category:Taken with Motorola C261
  13. Category:Photos taken with Sony Ericsson Walkman phone ‎
  14. Category:Copydesign
  15. Category:North-American softball players
  16. Category:Sony Ericsson G series
  17. Category:Buses in Comarca Lagunera
  18. Category:Abandoned buildings in Mexico
  19. Category:Oxxo
  20. Category:Farmacias Guadalajara
  21. Category:Capre buses
  22. Category:Transportes del Nazas
  23. Category:Buses in Mexico photographed in 2005
  24. Category:SuperCity
  25. Category:Extra
  26. Category:Grupo Modelo
  27. Category:Companies listed on Mexican Stock Exchange


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