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1994 in Belgium |fr=1994 en Belgique |nl=België in 1994 |ru=1994 год в Бельгии |zh=1994年的比利时 }}

This category includes works, events and everything related to the history of Belgium in 1994.


  1. This category is NOT intended ONLY for photographs taken in 1994, nor is it intended for media uploaded or scanned in 1994, as the parent Category:Belgium by year goes in time past the invention of photography, scanners or computers. For the specific scope of photography, please see Category:Photographs by year.
  2. Media illustrating events of 1994 in Belgium should be added into the subcategory Category:Events by country by year.
  3. Media illustrating works of 1994 in Belgium should be added into the subcategory Category:1994 works in Belgium.
<nowiki>Bélgica en 1994; ১৯৯৪-এ বেলজিয়াম; 1994 en Belgique; ประเทศเบลเยียมใน ค.ศ. 1994; 1994 ബെൽജിയത്തിൽ; België in 1994; 1994 in Belgien; 1994 in Belgium; 1994 in Belgium; 1994 في بلجيكا; 1994年のベルギー; 1994 i Belgien; Ereignisse des Jahres 1994 in Belgien; Belgium-related events during the year of 1994; Belgienrelaterade händelser under år 1994; قائمة أحداث; Belgium-related events during the year of 1994; gebeurtenis in jaar; ١٩٩٤ في بلجيكا</nowiki>
1994 in Belgium 
Belgium-related events during the year of 1994
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