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{{Intersect categories |1= }}

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{{Intersect categories|Buildings in the Netherlands|Amsterdam}}

renders as:

English: Note: the following is no longer accurate. As of March 2023, CategorizationBot is inoperative.

Archived description

This template is used to order CategorizationBot to intersect two categories. The user places this template in the target (or receiving) category, then must supply two categories for the template. The bot will move all images which are in both categories into the target category- the one tagged with this template. The syntax is

{{Intersect categories|Category A|Category B}}

For example to move all images both in Category:Buildings in the Netherlands and Category:Amsterdam (along with 3 subcategory levels of Amsterdam) into Category:Buildings in Amsterdam, tag the target category Category:Buildings in Amsterdam with:

{{Intersect categories|Buildings in the Netherlands|Amsterdam}}

A further example, to move any misplaced images from the Category:Images from the Geograph British Isles project upload that have appeared in Category:Cleveland, Ohio and upto with 3 subcategory levels at Cleveland, Ohio, into Category:Cleveland, England. Tag the target category Category:Cleveland, England with:

{{Intersect categories|Images from the Geograph British Isles project|Cleveland, Ohio}}