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Français : Tombe de Benei Hezir
Français : Voyez sur Wikipédia Tombe de Benei Hezir.
Grab der Bnei Hesir 
Grab in Jerusalem
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Ist ein(e)Grabkammer
Name in Mutterspracheקבר בני חזיר
Ort Jüdischer Friedhof am Ölberg, Ölberg, Bezirk Jerusalem
31° 46′ 35,04″ N, 35° 14′ 20,76″ O
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祭司ヘジルの墓 (ja); Benei Hezir síremléke (hu); קבר בני חזיר (he); Tomb of Benei Hezir (nl); Гробница семьи Хезир (ru); Grab der Bnei Hesir (de); Tomb of Benei Hezir (en); Tombo de Benei Hezir (eo); 希悉子孙墓 (zh); tombe de Benei Hezir (fr) Tomb in Jerusalem (en); Kidron völgy, Izrael (hu); מערת קבורה בנחל קדרון שבירושלים (he); Grab in Jerusalem (de) בית החופשית, מערת בני חזיר (he); Grab des heiligen Jakobus (de)

The Bnei Hazir tomb (Hebrew: קבר בני חזיר) is the oldest of three burial sites discovered in the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem.


The tomb dates to the Hasmonean period in Jewish history and is situated alongside the Zeharia and Yad Avshalom tombs, thought to have been erected several hundreds of years later. The tomb is effectively a burial cave dug into the cliff. It features a Hebrew inscription which makes it clear that this was the burial site of a Cohanim family by the name of Bnei Hazir.


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