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English: The Crow, also called the Apsáalooke in their own Siouan language, or Absaroka, are a federally recognized tribe of Native Americans who in historical times lived in the Yellowstone River valley, which extends from present-day Wyoming, through Montana and into North Dakota, where it joins the Missouri River. They had migrated there from Eastern Woodland areas. In turn, they were pushed to the west by the Lakota (Sioux), who took over the territory from the Black Hills of North Dakota to the Big Horn Mountains of Montana.
nordamerikanischer Volksstamm
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Crow (es); Absarokee (nds); Absarokee (de); Кроу (be); 克罗族 (zh); Kro (fy); Apsalokeler (tr); 克羅族 (zh-hk); Kråkindianer (sv); Кроу (uk); 克羅印第安人 (zh-hant); 克罗族 (zh-cn); Crow-intiaanit (fi); Crow (it); Crows (fr); Crow Indijanci (hr); Crows (pt); Кроу (kbd); Apsaroki (lv); Absaroka (gl); Gáagii dinéʼiʼ (nv); Pueblo crow (an); Qırov əmələ gəlməsi (az); クロウ族 (ja); Apsáalooke (nan); crow (ca); Wrony (Indianie) (pl); ക്രോ (അബ്സരോക്ക) ഇന്ത്യൻസ് (ml); Crows (nl); Óoetaneo'o (chy); Кроу (народ) (ru); Crow Indijanci (sh); Krou (lt); Crow Nation (en); محمد خضر (ar); 克罗印第安人 (zh-hans); 克羅族 (zh-tw) Tribu india de América del Norte (es); 民族 (zh-hk); nordamerikanischer Volksstamm (de); ethnic group (en); etnische groep (nl); 民族 (zh); 民族 (zh-tw) Cornejas (es); Absaroka, Absarokas, Absáalooke, Absáalookes, Absaalooke, Absaalookes, Apsaalookes, Apsaalooke, Apsáalooke, Apsáalookes, Corbeaux (fr); Absaroka, Crow (hr); Absaroka, Upsaroka (nds); Krähen-Indianer, Crow Nation, Apsaalooke, Krähen-Sioux (de); Gáagii diné'i' (nv); Apsaloke, Apsarokalar, Krovlar, Crow (tr); クロー族 (ja); Kråkindian, Kråkindianerna, Apsáalooke, Apsaalooke, Absaroka (sv); Wrony (plemię), Crow (pl); Absaroka (sh); 克羅族, 克羅人 (zh-hant); 克罗印第安人, 克罗人 (zh-cn); Кроу (племя) (ru); Crow Nation, Varis-intiaanit (fi); Crow (gl); Crow, Crow people, Crow Indians, Crows (en); 克罗族, 克罗人 (zh-hans); Absaroke, Apsaroke (it)


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