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Exfoliation methods used in Canada in 2011. Shown: top right, a bath sponge made of plastic mesh; lower right, a brush with a pumice stone on one side and a natural bristle brush on the other side, for foot exfoliation; lower left, a mud mask package for facial exfoliation; top left, a jar of perfumed body scrub to be used while bathing.
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Gommage (it); ছালমোচন (bn); Gommage (fr); Пилинг (ru); Peeling (de); esfoliante (pt); 垢 (ja); קילוף עור (he); Peeling (cs); Złuszczanie naskórka (pl); Пілінг (uk); Peeling (nl); 去角質 (zh-hant); Exfoliació (ca); Exfoliación (dermatología) (es); 때 (ko); exfoliation (en); Frotpurigo (eo); 去角质 (zh-hans); Tẩy da chết (vi) peeling (en); peeling (en) Эксфолиация, Микродермабразия (ru); Exfoliant, Gommant (fr); Peeling (pl); קילוף העור, פילינג, תקליף (he); Schälkur, Laserpeeling, Säure-Peeling, Microdermabrasion, Säurepeeling, Laserabrasion (de)

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