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English: Jewish messianism awaits the Mashiach ("Anointed") who gathers in the Jewish diaspora, builds the Third Temple in Jerusalem, and ushers in the Messianic Era. In every generation is a potential candidate who becomes the Messiah if the generation merits. In Jewish history various Messianic figures arose, either orthodox or antinomian. The founder of Christianity is not listed here, or contemporary Jewish Christians (see Category:Messianism), as Christianity became a different religious outlook. The Sabbatean Jewish heresy is listed, being associated with Rabbinic Jewish mysticism.
Messia nell'ebraismo 
savior and liberator of the Jewish people.
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Messia nell'ebraismo (it); Messie dans le judaïsme (fr); משיח (yi); Jewish messianism (en-gb); مسیح در یهودیت (fa); 彌賽亞 (zh); Mesija (sl); یہودیت میں مسیح (ur); Mesias dalam Yudaisme (id); משיח (he); المسيح في اليهودية (ar); Mesías del judaísmo (es); Jewish messianism (en-ca); ユダヤ教のメシア (ja); Messias (mwl); Messiah in Judaism (en); Mesio en Judismo (eo); Мессия в иудаизме (ru); Messies jueu (ca) savior and liberator of the Jewish people. (en); Messianismus im Judentum (de); savior and liberator of the Jewish people. (en); מלך המשיח (he); 猶太教 (zh) Moshiach, Mashiach (en); مشیاخ (ur); Mesias del judaismo (es)


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