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English: The FuMG 41/42 Mammut was a long-range, early warning radar built by Germany in the latter days of World War II. Developed by the GEMA company, it consisted of eight or six Frey antenna arrays, switched together and coupled to two Freya devices. The arrays were fixed and the beam could be electronically steered on a 100° arc in front and behind the antenna, leaving 80° blind arcs on each side. It was the world's first phased array radar and was able to detect targets flying at an altitude of 8,000m at a range of 300km.
Radar FuMG 41/42 Mammut (fr); Mammut (sk); Mammut (de); Mammut radar (en); Mammut radar (da) Antennenbündel für Radarortung der Wehrmacht (de) Radar Mammut (fr)
Antennenbündel für Radarortung der Wehrmacht
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