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Scanned works by Mordecai Yoffe (מרדכי יפה), author of Levush Malkhut (1530-1612).

For the main parts of Levush Malkhut, which are a restatement of the Shulhan Arukh, abbreviations in the filenames are as follows:

  • OH = Orah Hayyim.
    • OH1 = Levush ha-Tekhelet on simanim 1-241.
    • OH2 = Levush ha-Hur on simanim 241-697.
  • YD = Yoreh Deah (Levush Ateret Zahav).
  • EE = Even ha-Ezer (Levush ha-Butz veha-Argaman).
  • HM = Hoshen Mishpat (Levush Ir Shushan).

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