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English: The Mortara case was an Italian cause célèbre that captivated much of Europe and the United States in the 1850s and 1860s. It concerned the Papal States' seizure from a Jewish family in Bologna of one of their children, six-year-old Edgardo Mortara, on the basis of a one-time servant's testimony that she had administered emergency baptism to the boy when he fell sick as an infant. Mortara grew up as a Catholic under the protection of Pope Pius IX, who refused his parents' desperate pleas for his return, and eventually became a priest. The domestic and international outrage against the pontifical state's actions may have contributed to its downfall amid the unification of Italy.
<nowiki>Caso Mortara; affaire Mortara; Mortara case; Kasus Mortara; Mortara auzia; Caso Edgardo Mortara; Afacerea Edgardo Mortara; caso riguardante il rapimento di Edgardo Mortara; controversia del siglo XIX; affaire des années 1850-1860 en Italie; Italian cause célèbre of the 1850s and 1860s; Affaire Edgard de Mortara</nowiki>
Caso Edgardo Mortara 
caso riguardante il rapimento di Edgardo Mortara
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