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Ancient Egyptian prince
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  • Itet
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Nefermaat (it); Nofermaat (hu); Nefermaat A (hr); Nefermaat (eu); Нефермаат (ru); Nefermaat (de); Nefermaat I (sr-el); Нефермаат (be); Нефермаат I (sr-ec); Нефермаат I (sr); ნეფერმაატ I (ka); ネフェルマート (ja); Νεφερμαάτ (el); Nefermaat (ca); เนเฟอร์มาอัตที่หนึ่ง (th); Nefermaat (pl); نفرماآت (fa); Nefermaat (sh); Nefermaat (pt); Néfermaât (fr); Nefermaat (es); Nefermaat (nl); Nefermaat (en); Nefermaat (sl); Nefermaat (cs); Nefermaat I (vi) Ancient Egyptian prince (en); ägyptischer Wesir des Snofru (de); Ancient Egyptian prince (en); Príncep de l'Antic Egipte (ca); древнеегипетский принц IV династии (ru) نفرماات (fa); Nefermaat (fr); Nefermaat I, Nefermaat A (sh)

Nefermaat, wich means "Maat is beautiful", was a male name in ancient Egypt.

Nefermaat I was a son of Pharaoh Sneferu and his first wife. He was a brother of Rahotep and Ranefer, and he had many children with his wife Itet. Their most important son was Hemiunu.

Nefermaat II was a son of Egyptian Princess Nefertkau I and nephew to Nefermaat I.


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