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Ponte Cagrana is a temporarily established pontoon bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over so-called New Danube (Danube's diluvian bed), in Vienna, Austria. It is situated ~200 meters ~NNW of Reichsbrücke and connects Vienna's 22d district Kagran with Donauinsel ('Danube Island'.)

The bridge is removed during winter time, and also if some level of flooding is reached -- which usually would occur during early spring, i.e. during winter closure.

  • Note that the bridge's name is a [very probably intentional and humoristic !] misspelling:

    The structure was built after a recreation area at New Danube's left shore had been called Copa Cagrana, in a humoristic allusion to 'Copacabana', by the locals. Whilst German Brücke (bridge) is grammatically female, Italian ponte [as well as, e.g., Spanish puente] is male -- the name therefore should have been 'ponte Cagrano', if at all.

    But: Remember that dozens of languages were spoken in Austro-Hungarian monarchy, less than 100 years ago, and some kind of pidgin was quite common in its capital, Vienna.

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