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English: Allerlay Wapen (~ various coats of arms) is the title of a German and Latin armorial from the 16th century. 7 blank pages, 227 non numbered pages, 7 blank pages. Ca. 21 x 16 cm. The volume contains 250 painted and printed (mostly colored) coats of arms mostly from Bavaria, Austria, and the Netherlands. Coats of arms included are Castell, Ebersberg, Ehinger, Einsiedel, Frundsberg, Fugger, Haag, Harrach, Hohenwart, Hundt, Liechtenstein, Maxlrain, Nothaft, Ow, Pappenheim, Preising, Querfurt, Wasserburg, Wertheim, Herzog Albrecht V., Geiger, Gröbner, Gumpenberg, Herwart, Hundt v. Lauterbach, Iberacker zu Sighartstain, Stopius, Apian, Baumgartner/Fugger, Brumer, Carchesius, Fugger, Nadler, Pronner, Schrott zu Schreckenstein, Wolder, Wolf, a. o. At some point, this armorial belonged to the collection of Edmond Cheneviere (1862–1932) whose ex libris is to be found in the volume. Image source: