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English: Bamford's Wuffler is a special type of haymaking machine built from the 1950s to the 1970s in England. It is tractor-drawn and PTO-driven, and is mainly used to 'fluff' up cut grass/hay for better aeration and thereby better drying. The hay is being picked up from the ground and thrown up in the air by a rotating drum (cf. drum tedders). Depending on wide or narrow opening of the "doors" at the rear wufflers can form different widths of windrows. Generally they can be categorized either as swath turners (because their spreading ability is rather limited, only slightly wider than the machine width), or as hay tedder rakes (due to their combined functionality; doors wide open > tedder, doors nearly closed > rake).
Notes: On the British Isles "wuffler" is sometimes used as a generic term for all types of hay tedders and rakes. Some other manufacturers built similar machines, but they never became that popular.

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