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English: Bradley Point (west), and Demaray Point (east) are the 2 lower-elevation ridgeline points overlooking Granite Gorge, that are part of the base of Zoroaster Temple-(Zoroaster Canyon is on east perimeter, adjacent to Clear Creek (Arizona)); a 3rd butte, Sumner Butte is separated to the west, and is at the southeast perimeter of Bright Angel Canyon, (Creek) as it enters down the fault (Bright Angel Fault), down into Granite Gorge-(the region called The Box, because of its geography-(the faults intersection), and also its geology). Sumner Butte and the fault is also at the intersection of the Grandview - Bright Angel Fault.

The en:Clear Creek Trail traverses the base of Bradley Point, on the Tonto Platform, then goes up Zoroaster Canyon to terminate at a middle section of Clear Creek.


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