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The actual Cedi-signː

Wiki-template for the signː {{Unicode|₵}}
Unicodeː alt + 20B5 (on the numbers block)

To the history of the currencies of Ghanaː

  • 1907 - 14th July 1958ː West African Pound (for British West Africa)
  • 14th July 1958 - 19th July 1965ː Ghanaian Pound (G₤)
  • 19th July 1965 - 23rd February 1967ː (First) Ghanaian Cedi ()
  • 23rd February 1967 - 1st July 2007ː (Second) Ghanaian Cedi (ISO-4217 codeː GHC)
  • since 1st July 2007ː (Third) Ghanaian Cedi (ISO-4217 codeː GHS)


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