East Boldon Metro station

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Opened New
or converted
Number of platforms Track alignment Tyne & Wear metropolitan borough
31 March 2002 Converted 2 NW-SE South Tyneside
Two side platforms on an embankment, the northern one 50' longer at its northern end
Platform no.
and position
of travel M
Route Next
Platform 1
North East
SE bound Brockley Whins Green Line to South Hylton (stop 22 of 31) Seaburn
Platform 2
South West
NW bound Seaburn Green Line to Airport (stop 10 of 31) Brockley Whins
* M - these are compass headings, which in this station's case do not correspond to the directions diagrammatically indicated on the official Metro route map - NW bound is Westbound & SE bound is Eastbound on the Metro map
Station buildings
No building (two central single sided shelters only)
Steps and sloped paths down to a pedestrian subway 25' north of the platform end, with track level paths also extending to a level crossing for the SW-NE Station Road, 25' further beyond the subway; car park on the north side, off Station Road
Protection from the elements
Two standalone 65' platform shelters