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FujiGen Gakki (フジゲン, established as 富士弦楽器製造株式会社 in 1960) is a musical instrument manufacturer based on Matsumoto in Japan. FujiGen does OEM guitar manufacturing for well known guitar brands and they also manufacture their own brands of guitars such as Heartfield and FgN.

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Early models[edit]

  • 1960: started to produce violins and guitars.
  • 1960: started to produce classical guitars for Kanda Shokai and Kamano Gakki.
  • 1961: with the help of Anthony George of George's Music Store, guitar manufacturing quality was improved, and started to produce electric guitars.
  • 1962: started to export guitars under various buyer's brands (St. George, Zim-Gar, Orland, etc) and also their own brand (Damien).
  • 1960s: subcontracted with Teisco and manufactured several Teisco models (J-1 & J-2 solid electric, EB-1 bass (similar to EB-18), and VN-2 & VN-4 baritone).
  • 1960s: with the request of trade buyer, several Kawai models (S180 "Hound Dog Taylor" guitar, FVN4 baritone, etc) were copied and manufactured.

OEM models in 1970s[edit]

  • late-1960s or 1970s: started to supply OEM products to:

OEM models in 1980s-90s[edit]

  • 1981-1997: contracted with Fender Japan (including Squier).
  • mid-1980s: CBS sold Fender, and until new USA factory started production, mostly Fender Japan products and the leftover USA stocks were sold in the USA market for a few years.
  • 1992-1998: obtained a part of Orville by Gibson.

OEM models in late 1990s-2000s[edit]

  • late 1990s-: solid guitar of Epiphone Japan, some Gretsch models, their own brand Fujigen/FgN, etc.


  • Genesis of FujiGen (start of the electric guitar manufacturing) (in Japanese). Matsumoto guitars (Guitar Manufacturers in Matsumoto City). The Junk Guitar Museum Matsumoto.
    In the first half of 1960s, FujiGen had subcontracted with Teisco, and manufactured models including: J-1, J-2, EB-1 (similar to EB-18), VN-2, and VN-4; And then, their former factory manager had spin-out to establish a Teisco factory in Toyoshina, called Teisco String Instruments, Company (also known as Matsumoto Teisco).
    Also, several Kawai models at that time were sometimes manufactured by FujiGen (by the request of trade buyer), to fill the shortage of production of Kawai, and these models are seen on the 1965 photograph of FujiGen office.
  • Adventures in Baritone -- 1965 Kingston FVN4 Japanese Electric Guitar. Drowining in Guitars! (August 2, 2012). "... this one is labeled Kingston, but it’s not a Kawai and it’s not a Teisco. Why is this rare? Well, those were the only two known suppliers for Westheimer Music. Not anymore, because my friends, this guitar was made by Fujigen. ..."
  • History of Fender JAPAN. Music-Trade.co.jp, a division of Dai-Show Corporation, Yokohama, Japan.. "1984: CBS sells Fender to its current owners and while waiting for a new USA factory to begin production, Fender Japan models and leftover USA stock were mostly sold in the USA for a few years."