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Cool Cat's signature

- Cat chi?


# Edit Page/diff
1 Added information to userpage info
10 Long rant/question about images displaying poor technique Quality of image content
50 Added category to upload #10 cat
100 Removed border tag from edited Koehler image (#106) removing border tag
200 Minor cleanup on Koehler image 057's page removing \ after category
300 Removed the tag after rotating an image removing rotate tag
400 Info and cleanup on Koehler image 178's page after removing the caption adding plant name and removing \ after category
500 Message in French to an uploader of copyrighted images from websites; on behalf of EPO Vos images téléchargées
600 Added superseded tag to a png after uploading my vector redrawing {{SupersededSVG}}
666 Cat switch; #4 of 20 in that category moving cat
700 Made some final edits to my first cleanup template finishing & fixing
800 Template switch #96 after finishing the {{Remove caption}} template {{RemoveBorder}} --> {{RemoveCaption}}
900 Template switch #196 {{RemoveBorder}} --> {{RemoveCaption}}
1000 Added the information copied from the original jpeg to my png info
1100 Removed the tag after cropping the border off one of 12 incorrectly tagged building diagrams Removing cleanup tag; image edited
1200 Added "bot" to the header of a note to Orgullomoore about his bot reword header
1300 Switched the name of a bad category to the right name; one of about 20 Category:C?l?ra?i County --> Category:Călăraşi County
1400 Note to uploader about the deletion nom for their image after I couldn't fix it up Image:AOT counter Temporary airport permit.JPG
1500 Removed the tag on an image during a large run of caption removals while testing D's program -{{remove caption}}, + caption text
1600 Added tag to an image with info on it after forgetting while removing captions on Navy images + {{watermark}}
1700 Info to image page after cropping Navy image caption - {{remove caption}}, + caption text
1800 Info to image page after cropping Navy image caption at 1am on April Fools' - {{remove caption}}, + caption text
1900 Info to image page after cropping Navy image caption - {{remove caption}}, + caption text
2000 Info to image page after cropping Navy image caption - {{remove caption}} , + caption text
# Upload Image/version
1 Uploaded image for Wikipedia article; later uploaded same image as Image:Château Touffou.jpg and marked this version as a duplicate {{Information |Description= The Château Touffou (Touffou Castle) in France. |Source= Archives Photographiques (Médiathèque du Patrimoine) |Date= pre-1923? |Author= Gossin |Permission= |other_versions= }} This castle was classified as a historical]]
10 Photograph (one of my favourites) of a farm yard; taken from a moving car while driving to visit relatives
Farm yard in summer.JPG
{{Information |Description= A picture of a farm yard in Wikipedia:Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. |Source= |Date= Taken June 23rd 2006 |Author= User:Editor at Large |Permission= Of course you may! :-) If used for something outside Wikipedia, I'd
50 Removed the border from a scanned book page
Section Motor Car.jpg
(removing border per tag)
100 [[|200px|left]]
200 [[|200px|left]]
300 [[|200px|left]]
400 [[|200px|left]]
500 [[|200px|left]]
600 [[|200px|left]]
700 [[|200px|left]]
800 [[|200px|left]]
900 [[|200px|left]]
1000 [[|200px|left]]
1100 [[|200px|left]]
1200 [[|200px|left]]
# Deletion summary Deleted item Block summary Blocked account
1 Category:Ezer Weizmann Empty cat, was moved to Category:Ezer Weizman Inappropriate username IHR SEID DUMM

Freaky Facts[edit]

  • On April 2nd 2007 editcount stats read:
Image uploads      1111 (1011 cur, 100 old) (browse)
Distinct pages edited   1441
  • According to April 2nd's monthly editcount breakdown...
2006/09         8       
2006/10         7       
2006/11         92      
2006/12         28      
2007/01         437     
2007/02         1203    
2007/03         1203    
2007/04         490
    • I performed exactly 1203 actions/edits in both February and March
    • I had more edits on the 3rd of April than I had in all of January