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This is an internal working page, please don't leave any messages here! I will check back in future on these images, contacted their uploaders for revisions to template.

Trouble category/ies[edit]

Images missing descriptions[edit] .. sent note to uploader 07/16/14

Map images missing source[edit]

Category:Images of maps without source

Polish county maps |Source=DW of [[:File:POL_Voivodships_1975.svg]] |Date=3.07.2006 |Author=Hiuppo |Permission={{GFDL|migration=relicense}} |other_versions= }}

No source but own work[edit]

Images by User:Fernost asked Jim for help 071214 Images by User:Cheposo -- nommed some 10-05-14

Gallery wha? [1] nommed a few 10-05-14

Category stuff[edit]

Category:Mexican style restaurants in the United States needs to be sorted out/ asked AuntofSix to work on this one

Category:Sockpuppets of Albianmoonlight[edit]

Beach Buem David Horvitz Commons:Deletion requests/Files by User:Albianmoonlight leave this here for next appearance

New 08/06/14


"Quote from Jim: The issue is not how we feel about Horvitz, it's simple copyright. Horvitz appears in all the images, so he is not the photographer. Various sources including his blog make it very clear that various people actually took the pictures. Although his blog tells us who some of them are, none of them are identified picture by picture. While I'm willing to stretch "own work" a little in cases where the subject set up the photo and had someone else just push the button, these are images where Horvitz is not even close to the camera and where composition choices are important. Therefore we have unknown photographers who own the copyrights. US law requires that copyright transfers be in writing and I doubt very much that Horvitz has bothered with that formality. So, I ask, with no license from the actual photographer and copyright holder, how do we keep them?"

Check this one[edit] Most seem ok, but a few have checked out as copyvios.

Go back later[edit]

File:600px Celeste con striscia Rossa.png -- fake flag
File:600px Rosso e Giallo (V sul petto).png -- fake flag
File:600px Verde Bianco e Rosso (Strisce).png -- fake flag
File:600px Giallo e Bianco (V sul petto).png -- fake flag
File:600px Nero Bianco e Rosso (Strisce).png -- fake flag
File:600px Verde e Violeta (Diagonale).png -- fake flag
File:Atleticoequipo15912BanderaLucianoCeverio.jpg -- group shot
File:AtléticoTDI2012.jpg ‎ -- group shot
File:EQUIPO DE ATLETICO 16-7.jpg -- group shot
File:Kit body Atlético Ayacucho.png‎ -- graphic of uniform
File:Kit body 3redstripes4.png‎ -- graphic of uniform
File:Estadio Municipal, Dr. José Antonio Barbieri, Ayacucho, Prov. Bs. As..png‎ -- overprinted and logo
File:Clubes de la Liga Ayacuchense de Fútbol.png -- DW of crests & other photo
File:Unión Regional Deportiva 2014.png -- DW of crests & other photo
File:URD.png -- DW of crests
File:URD 2009.png -- DW of crests & other photo
File:URD 2012.png -- DW of crests & other photo
File:URD 2013.png -- DW of crests & other photo

look carefully[edit]

R.D. Bartlett[edit]

Commons:Deletion requests/File:Frogs, Amphibians and their Threatened Environment - Discovery and Expression Through Art by Susan E. Newman.pdf

Moving Companies[edit]

Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Bostonmoving Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Sebhancy Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Saskatoonmovingcompany Commons:Deletion requests/Files uploaded by Etobicokemovers