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About Me[edit]

Hello, I am user Evan-Amos on Wikimedia/Wikipedia and I create free media. Most of my contributions to Wikipedia are product shots of food and video game history, but I also have other galleries of random subjects. Besides taking photos, I also work on creating biographical articles for musicians and do long-format interviews that I host here. My goal here is to create a free and accessible archive of photos and information that anyone can learn from.

I began contributing to Wikipedia in August 2010 when I wanted to replace the low-quality photos that were in most of the video game console articles. I've been a life-long video gamer and hobbyist photographer, so it seemed easy enough and I gave it a shot. While I had been taking photos for years at that point, it was mostly portraits and I knew nothing about product photography when I started this project. A lot of my early pictures reflect this, but they were still better than the photos that had been in the articles for years at that point.

Once I felt the satisfaction of improving a Wikipedia article with better pictures I instantly got hooked. Seeing a low-quality photo and replacing it with a better one was so easy and provided such a big benefit that I threw myself into taking pictures. I compiled lists of articles that needed pictures taken for them and gathered up my natural collection of video game hardware, along with anything else that I could get my hands on. My first months of Wikipedia were filled with bouts of productivity as I stumbled with the format.

I am still in the process of learning how to take good product photos. This project has provided a lot of experience and I've made strides in my editing and photo taking abilities since I started, but there's still plenty to learn. I have a penchant for redoing and tweaking thing, so when I learn how to do something better I'm tempted to go back and fix things that I've done before. A lot of my early photos have been retaken because of this, so currently my time on Wikipedia is split between creating new content and fixing old content.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk to me about it. I'm very open to help, either in pointers or assistance with photo materials.


I can be reached personally by email here: evan.amos /at\

Thank Yous & Contributors[edit]

  • Thank you to 8-Bit & Up located in the East Village in NYC for access to various consoles and handhelds for photographing.
  • Thank you to the Fat Cat Gaming ebay store on Long Island for access to various consoles and handhelds for photographing.
  • Thank you to Pearson's Candy Company for product donations.
  • Thank you to Idaho Candy Company for product donations.
  • Thank you to Lisa G from Reddit for doing a candy swap for Australian candy.
  • Thank you to the NYU Game Center for allowing me access to their hardware library for photo taking.
  • Thank you to the retro game store Video Games New York for providing many different older and rarer video game consoles.
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