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This page gives you an overview of my contributions.


SVG​s I upoaded[edit]

East Asian writing systems[edit]

58 CJKV strokes[edit]

CJK Stroke BXG (1).svg CJK Stroke BXG (2).svg CJK Stroke BXG (3).svg CJK Stroke D (1).svg CJK Stroke D (2).svg


Cāngjié 5 input method[edit]

181 Cāngjié 5 character shapes[edit]

Cangjie A.svg Cangjie A+.svg Cangjie A-1.svg Cangjie A-2.svg Cangjie AN.svg


17 illustrations of Cāngjié 5 shape selection[edit]

Cangjie Count 1.svg Cangjie Count 1L1.svg Cangjie Count 1L1L1.svg Cangjie Count 1L1L1L1.svg Cangjie Count 1L2.svg Cangjie Count 1O1.svg


Individual CJKV radicals[edit]

The 540 Shuōwén seal radicals[edit]

Shuowen Seal Radical 001.svg Shuowen Seal Radical 002.svg Shuowen Seal Radical 003.svg Shuowen Seal Radical 004.svg Shuowen Seal Radical 005.svg


The 214 Kāngxī radicals in the dictionary’s own style[edit]

Kangxi Style Kangxi Radical 001.svg Kangxi Style Kangxi Radical 002.svg Kangxi Style Kangxi Radical 003.svg Kangxi Style Kangxi Radical 004.svg Kangxi Style Kangxi Radical 005.svg


495 CJKV radicals and their variants in regular script style[edit]

Regular Style CJKV Radical 001 (0).svg Regular Style CJKV Radical 001 (1).svg Regular Style CJKV Radical 002 (0).svg Regular Style CJKV Radical 003 (0).svg Regular Style CJKV Radical 003 (1).svg


CJKV radical lists[edit]

Two lists of the 540 Shuōwén seal radicals (plain and numbered)[edit]

The 540 Shuowen Seal Radicals.svg The 540 Shuowen Seal Radicals - numbered.svg

List of the 214 Kāngxī radicals in old style fonts[edit]

List of the 214 Kangxi Radicals - old style.svg

Two lists of all Unicode 7.0 radicals in regular style(楷体/楷體)[edit]
List in a font for Traditional Chinese[edit]

List of Unicode radicals-Hant.svg

List in a font for Simplified Chinese[edit]

List of Unicode radicals-Hans.svg

說文解字 and 康熙字典 in their own scripts[edit]

Shuowen Jiezi in its own script.svg Kangxi Zidian in its own script.svg

道德經 in lesser seal script[edit]

Daodejing in Lesser Seal script.svg

Animated character 永(永字八法)[edit]

  • Click here to see the animation.

Yongzi Bafa - animated.svg


335 obsolete Simplified Chinese characters[edit]

Obsolete Simplified 001.svg Obsolete Simplified 002.svg Obsolete Simplified 003.svg Obsolete Simplified 004.svg Obsolete Simplified 005.svg


Guǎngzhōuhuà, Guǎngfǔhuà, Guǎngdōnghuà and Yuèyǔ in traditional and simplified characters[edit]

Guangzhouhua-vector.svg       Guangfuhua.svg

Guangdonghua-vector.svg       Yueyu-vector.svg

Three versions of the combined Chinese character 招財進寶[edit]

Chinese Character zhao1 cai2 jin4 bao3.svg 招財進寶 AR PL UKai CN 288pt.svg Chinese Character zhao1 cai2 jin4 bao3 Song style.svg

Eight dragons: a character with 128 strokes[edit]

Han character 8 Dragons.svg

The five tone marks of Hànyǔ pīnyīn[edit]

The five pinyin tones marks.svg


The origins of katakana[edit]

Katakana origine.svg

Logographic Vietnamese (Nôm)[edit]

Two annotated illustrations of logographic Vietnamese terminology[edit]

Chu Han - chu Nho - Han tu VECTOR.svg Logographic Vietnamese Terminology.svg

A sentence in Nôm with alphabetic Vietmanese annotations[edit]
With translations of Vietnamese-only Nôm characters[edit]

Tu thuan Viet + Tu Han Viet.svg

Without translations of Vietnamese-only Nôm characters[edit]

Han-nom parallel-2.svg

Start of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)[edit]

Start of the UDHR in logographic Vietnamese (Nom).svg

Start of Vân Tiên Cổ Tích Tân Truyện[edit]

Vân Tiên Cổ Tích Tân Truyện (start).svg

Ten individual Nôm characters[edit]

Nom Character V04-405E.svg Nom Character U+2B2D9 (V4-536F).svg Nom Character V04-5055.svg Chu nom fat.svg Nom Character U+2B1A1.svg

Nom Character U+2A74C.svg Nom Character ⿰礻兼.svg Nom Character ⿰礻兼 (4).svg Nom Character ⿰礻兼 (2).svg Nom Character ⿰礻兼 (3).svg

10,000 years and David in Nôm[edit]

Muon Nam (Chu Nom).svg Da Vit in Chu Nom.svg

Zhuàng (Sawndip)[edit]

The Zhuàng characters for Sawndip[edit]
As two individual characters[edit]

Saw sawndip.svg Ndip sawndip.svg

As one word[edit]


Font Specimens[edit]

Specimen of Noto Sans[edit]

Specimen of Noto Sans.svg

Specimen of Noto Serif[edit]

Specimen of Noto Serif.svg

Multilingual Texts[edit]

Three SVGs Welcome in multiple languages[edit]

Welcome in 21 languages.svg


Text Source: Welcome in many languages at Omniglot.

JE SUIS CHARLIE 我是查理[edit]

Je suis Charlie - Wo shi Chali.svg

Vive la raison! in four languages[edit]



Illustration of Daniel Jones’s 18 cardinal vowels[edit]

Daniel Jones's 18 Cardinal Vowels.svg

Illustration of the canIPA vocoid system[edit]

CanIPA Vocoids.svg


Illustration of the use of Unicode’s deprecated language tags[edit]


Signs, Symbols etc.[edit]

The 2013 ruble sign as recommended by the Bank of Russia[edit]

Ruble sign.svg

A symbol for sports captains[edit]

Captain sports.svg

Two Dutch place name signs indicating the fictional Oosterbuur and Oosterbuurt[edit]



Two not yet registered license plates from Germany[edit]

Cologne license plate unregistered.svg

LM-MR 1969.svg


Chinese language flag[edit]

Flag of chinese-speaking countries and territories.svg

Kingdom of Callistan flag[edit]

Kingdom of Callistan Flag.svg

Euro Union flag[edit]

Euro Union flag.svg

A Dutch-German and a German-Dutch flag hybrid[edit]

Dutch-German flag hybrid.svg

German-Dutch flag hybrid.svg

A GER–NED and a NED–GER soccer match flag symbol[edit]

GER-NED soccer match.svg

NED-GER soccer match.svg

A GER–NED and a NED–GER talk flag symbol[edit]

GER-NED talk.svg

NED-GER talk.svg


Běijīng district map[edit]


Also uploaded in PNG format[edit]

PNG Maps[edit]

Běijīng district map (full resolution: 2127px × 2054px)[edit]


Uploaded in GIF format[edit]

Animated flags[edit]

Dutch and German flags (alternating)[edit]

Dutch-German flag animation.gif

Uploaded in PDF format[edit]


Transcriptions of an RP speaker recording from JIPA[edit]

RP JIPA transcriptions.pdf

Multilingual Texts[edit]

Three PDFs Welcome in multiple languages[edit]

Welcome in 21 languages PDF.pdf


Text Source: Welcome in many languages at Omniglot.