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Wikimedia-logo.svg This user has created a global account and the main one is on Commons
Commons File mover.svg This user has file mover rights on Wikimedia Commons. (verify)
Buonaparte.svg This user contributes to Wikicommons in the subject of Heraldry.
Vector graphics icon.svg I'm a Wikigraphist of the Graphic Lab to which you can request images improvement.
PH-0 This user is interested in learning photography.
VG-2 This user is able to contribute with a good level on vector graphics.
Ani-1 This user is able to contribute at a basic level to animations (GIF,...).
BG-2 This user is able to contribute at an intermediate level on bitmap graphics.
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This user contributes using GIMP.
Gnome-emblem-documents.svg Perhelion 1050 files to Wikimedia Commons.
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Auf Commons herrschen endlose Willkür, Idiotie und Ignoranz sowieso.

English: On Commons prevail endless arbitrary idiocy and ignorance anyway.