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This user doesn't any admin related work or does cleanup anything anymore on Commons. But the contrary may more like.
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The trust is broken. I am publicly committing to stopping any cooperation with the WMF until Superprotect right is reverted, as a matter of protest. It goes steeply downhill.
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Commons-links (and other)[edit]

Show emotions (international)[edit]

User-JS snippets[edit]

Paste the following codes into your common.js (or other MediaWiki skin related) file and customize it:

Pre-filled Special:Upload description[edit]

Tired of always entering the same stuff in Special:Upload

//  Insert a personalized Texttemplate into the Special:Upload edit box.
//  I upload mostly my own work; preload input form; adapted from [[User: Dschwen]]
$(function () {
	var cn = "Some Name";
	if (wgPageName === 'Special:Upload')
		mw.loader.using('moment', function () {
		setTimeout(function () {
			((wgUserLanguage !== 'ownwork')?'{{'+ (wgUserLanguage.slice(0,-7)) +'|}}\n':'')+
			'|Date='+ moment().format('YYYY-M-D') +'\n'+
			'|Author=[[User: '+ wgUserName +']]\n'+
			'== {{int:license-header}} ==\n'+
			'{{self|GFDL|cc-by-sa-3.0|author=I, [[User:'+ wgUserName +'|'+ cn +']]}}'
		}, 100 );
		((wgUserLanguage === 'en')?'': wgUserLanguage) + 'ownwork');

Note: the license IDs were changed recently. Please update the line with licensemenu.value = accordingly.


For all file versions (by the date link):

// W3C-Validator check-link for every SVG (by User: Perhelion)
if (wgNamespaceNumber === 6 && /SVG/i.test(wgTitle.slice(-3)))
	$('#mw-imagepage-section-filehistory tbody>tr+tr>td:nth-child(2)>a').after(function () {
			return ['<br>', $('<a>', {
			'title' : 'W3C-Validator',
			'href' : ''+ this.href +'&doctype=SVG+1.1&ss=1#result'
		}).text('→ Valid SVG?')];

Or simply only the last file version:

// W3C-Validator check-link SVG (by User: Perhelion)
if (wgNamespaceNumber === 6 && /SVG/i.test(wgTitle.slice(-3)))
	$('#mw-imagepage-section-filehistory tbody>tr+tr>td:nth-child(2)>a:first').after(function(){			return ['<br>', $('<a>', {
			'title' : 'W3C-Validator',
			'href' : ''+ this.href +'&doctype=SVG+1.1&ss=1#result'
		}).text('→ Valid SVG?')];


Using the module "wikieditor" from Schnark (but you can also use this from Krinkle or some other).

mw.libs.wikieditor = {
 config: function (wikieditor) {
	// Valid SVG :
		'', //position
		'//', //imageFile
		'Insert Valid SVG', //speedTip
		'{{Valid SVG}}', //tagOpen
		'', //sampleText
		'\n', //tagClose
		true, //ownline
		wikieditor.addComment("Valid SVG+ ")
	// Invalid SVG :
		'', //position
		'//', //imageFile
		'Insert Invalid SVG', //speedTip
		'{{Invalid SVG}}', //tagOpen
		'', //sampleText
		'\n', //tagClose
		true, //ownline
		wikieditor.addComment("Invalid SVG+ ")


An AWB example config-file (from me): Template talk:Created with Gnuplot#AWB Code

Deutsch: Auf Commons herrschen endlose Willkür, Idiotie und Ignoranz sowieso.
English: On Commons prevail endless arbitrary idiocy and ignorance anyway.