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White Writer
On Wiki since 2005

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Backlogs Qty Missing legal information Qty License review Qty
Copyright violations 15 Images with poor sources 282 License review needed 93
Duplicate 100 No license [categories] 5 Picasa files needing review (not found) 0 (0)
Other speedy deletions 36 No source [categories] (auto) 4 (58,003) Possibly unfree Picasa Web Albums files 0
Malformed deletion requests 0 No permission [categories] 14 Flickr images needing human review 54
Deletion requests missing reason 14 No OTRS permission (pending/received) 0 Flickr pages w/o files 0
Deletion requests missing subpage 33 PD images without reason 1 Unsourced Flickr images (FlickreviewR) 13 (5)
Deletion requests missing timestamp 18 PD-author without author information 229 Flickr images not found 2
Protected edit requests 66 PD-user without author information 77 Recent unfree Flickr images 0
Requests for unblock 1 PD-scan with incorrect primary license 2 Possibly unfree Flickr images (FlickreviewR) 1 (0)
Requested moves (all) 31 PD tag needs updating 26 Panoramio review needed 32
Media requiring renaming 10 © free use w/o rationale 47 Possibly unfree Panoramio images 0
License migration 5,668 Incompatible licenses 16 Unsourced Panoramio images 0
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