Édouard-Henri Avril

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English: Édouard-Henri Avril better known as Paul Avril (Algiers 1849 - 1928 Le Raincy) was a French painter and illustrator, best known for his erotic art work.

Illustrations to Fanny Hill by John Cleland[Bearbeiten]

  • First published in this French edition:
  • John Cleland: Mémoires de Fanny Hill. Entièrement traduits de l'anglais par Isidore Liseux. Réimpression textuelle de l'édition de Paris, 1887. Paris: 1906 [Charles Hirsch] 2 volumes. Limited edition of 300 copies. 12 engravings by Martin van Maële done in 2 states, b/w and color plus additional illustrations by Paul Avril.

Sonetti Lussuriosi by Pietro Aretino, 1892[Bearbeiten]

Messe de Minuit[Bearbeiten]

Messe de Minuit, a series of 12 original monochrome watercolours mounted on card, [Paris, c. 1900]

Illustrations to De Figuris Veneris[Bearbeiten]