(25143) Itokawa

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Deutsch: (25143) Itokawa (1998 SF36) ist ein am 26. September 1998 entdeckter, die Erdbahn kreuzender Asteroid (Erdnaher Asteroid). Benannt wurde der Himmelskörper nach Hideo Itokawa, einem japanischen Raketenwissenschaftler.
English: (25143) Itokawa is an Apollo and Mars-crosser asteroid. It is currently the focus of scientific attention as it is undergoing detailed study by a Japanese space probe Hayabusa and may become the first asteroid whose sample is brought to Earth. It has been calculated that there is some probability that Itokawa will impact onto the Earth in the next million years. On June 14, 2004, It passed by Earth 3,400,000 km as a record.