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Afrikaans: Liggaam.
العربية: جسم.
Azərbaycanca: Gövdə.
Brezhoneg: Korf.
Català: Cos.
Čeština: Tělo.
Cymraeg: Corff.
Dansk: Krop.
Deutsch: Körper.
English: Body.
Esperanto: Korpo.
Español: Cuerpo.
فارسی: بدن.
Français : Corps.
Frysk: Liif.
עברית: גוף.
Magyar: Test.
Italiano: Corpo.
Nederlands: Lichaam.
Norsk bokmål: Kropp.
Português: Corpo.
Slovenčina: Telo.
Slovenščina: Telo.
Türkçe: Gövde.
தமிழ்: உடல்/சரீரம்/தேகம்.

Please use the following system when categorizing files:

  • Place files relating to anatomy in "Category:Anatomy". Anatomy is the scientific study of the structure of living things.
  • Place files relating to bodies but not relating to their scientific study, such as ordinary images of parts of the body, in this category.
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