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The reproduction of this work is covered under the article XI.190 of the Code of Economic Law, which states that "Once a work has been lawfully published, its author may not prohibit: [...] 2/1°. reproduction and communication to the public of works of plastic, graphic or architectural art designed to be placed on a permanent basis in public places, provided that the reproduction or the communication of the work is as it is found there and that this reproduction or communication does not infringe upon the normal exploitation of the work and does not cause unreasonable harm to the legitimate interests of the author [...]." See COM:CRT/Belgium#Freedom of panorama for more information.

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Atomium (es); Атомиум (kk-kz); Atomium (en-gb); Атомиум (bg); Atomium (ro); 原子球塔 (zh-hk); Atomium (sv); Атоміум (uk); 原子球塔 (zh-hant); Atomium (io); 아토미움 (ko); Атомиум (kk); Atomium (eo); Atomium (cs); Atomium (fr); Atomium (hr); Atomium (vi); اتومىيۋم (kk-arab); Atomiums (lv); Atomium (af); Атомијум (sr); Atomium (pt-br); 原子球塔 (zh-sg); Atomium (lb); Atomium (nb); Atomium (en); أتوميوم (ar); Atomium (hu); Atomium (eu); Атомиум (ru); Atomium (de); Atomium (lmo); Атоміум (be); Ատոմիում (hy); 原子球塔 (zh); Atomium (da); ატომიუმი (ka); アトミウム (ja); אטומיום (he); Atomium (la); Atomium (fi); Atoniom (wa); Atomium (en-ca); அட்டோமியம் (ta); Atomium (it); Atomium (vls); Atomium (et); Ατόμιουμ (el); Atomium (ch); 原子球塔 (zh-cn); 原子球塔 (zh-tw); Атомијум (sr-ec); Atomium (pt); Atomium (mt); Атомиум (kk-cyrl); Atomïwm (kk-latn); Atomium (sk); Atomium (sl); Atomium (tl); Атомијум (sr-el); Atomïwm (kk-tr); Atomium (war); Atomium (pl); ആറ്റോമിയം (ml); Atomium (nl); Atomium (id); اتومیوم (fa); Atomium (ca); اتومىيۋم (kk-cn); Atomium (gl); Atomium (tr); 原子球塔 (zh-hans); Atomium (sco) monumento di Bruxelles (it); bâtiment bruxellois construit pour l'exposition universelle de 1958 (fr); byggnadsverk i Bryssel, Belgien (sv); מבנה בבריסל, בלגיה (he); bouwwerk in Brussel (nl); сооружение в Брюсселе, достопримечательность города (ru); Bauwerk in Brüssel (de); byggverk i Brussel i Belgia (nb); building in Brussels, Belgium (en); Markah tanah kota Brussels, Belgia (id); 為1958年布魯塞爾世界博覽會興建的紀念性建築物 (zh); emlékmű (hu) Atòmium (ca); アトミオム (ja); Atominum (de); Atomium (ml); Atómium (sk); Atomiumo (eo); האטומיום (he); أطوميوم, الأتوميوم, اتوميوم (ar)
monumento di Bruxelles
Atomium de Bruxelles.jpg
Atomium 2007.jpg
Carica un file multimediale
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Istanza distruttura architettonica,
attrazione turistica
Prende il nome da
Raffiguraunit cell and sistema cubico
Materiale usato
Luogo Laeken, Bruxelles, arrondissement di Bruxelles-Capitale, Regione di Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgio
Indirizzo stradale
  • Square de l'Atomium - Atomiumsquare
Data di fondazione o creazione
  • 1958
Data di apertura ufficiale
  • 2006
  • 102 m
sito web ufficiale
50° 53′ 42″ N, 4° 20′ 29,04″ E
Controllo di autorità
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