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  • Mithras
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Mithras is also a gossamer-winged butterfly genus in tribe Eumaeini.

This category is a sub-category of Category:Mithraism, i.e. the Roman Mithraic Mysteries, the cult of the Roman god Mithras (Latin Mithras, but sometimes spelled without -s in some languages, which invariably leads to confusion with other figures).

Guidance for uploaders:

If the image you are tagging does not obviously fall into one of the following three categories (these are very easy to identify),...
then it is probably a picture of one of the torchbearers (Cautes or Cautopates) or of the snake-entwined lion-headed figure (Leontocephaline), or one of the numerous other Greco-Roman figures that were worshiped alongside Mithras in the Mithraic temples (mithraea).

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Category:Mithra, which pertains to an Iranian divinity.


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