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Дрво живота 
motif in art and culture
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Јеуметничка тема,
plant-derived motif
Је подкласа одmythical tree
Каже се да је исто каоWorld tree
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Árbol de la vida (es); "Жашоо дарагы" (ky); Bizitzaren zuhaitza (eu); Дерево жизни (ru); Baum des Lebens (de); Дрэва жыцця (be); Կենաց ծառ (hy); Leavensboom (nds-nl); Pomul vieții (ro); 生命の樹 (ja); Livets träd (sv); עץ החיים (he); 생명나무 (ko); Կենաց Ծառ (hyw); Arbo de vivo (eo); strom života (cs); தி ட்ரீ ஆஃப் லைப் (ta); albero della vita (it); Arbre de vie (fr); Drvo života (hr); Drvo života (sr-el); Dzīvības koks (lv); Gyvybės medis (lt); elämän puu (fi); древо життя (uk); Drvo života (sh); Pohon kehidupan (id); Drzewo Życia (pl); Дрво живота (sr-ec); tree of life (nl); Yaşam ağacı (tr); Дрво живота (sr); arbre de la vida (ca); Égig érő fa (hu); tree of life (en); شجرة الحياة (ar); درخت زندگی (fa); 生命樹 (zh) мифологический образ во многих культурах (ru); Der Baum des Lebens ist ein in der Religionsgeschichte verbreitetes Symbol und Mythenmotiv, das mit mythologisch-religiösen Umdeutungen von Baumkulten (heilige Bäume) und Fruchtbarkeitssymbolik sowie mit Schöpfungsmythos und Genealogie zusammenhängt. (de); motif culturel et religieux (fr); motiv v umění a kultuře (cs); motif in art and culture (en); міфалогія (be); 藝術和文化的主題 (zh); motif in art and culture (en) Arbol de la vida (es); Lebensbaum, Weltenbaum (de); Дерево жизни (мифология) (ru)
  • Tree of life, a metaphor for common descent, and a motif in various world theologies and philosophies. It is closely related to the concept of the world tree.
  • WikiProject Tree of Life (TOL), a project to categorize plant and animal images on commons.
  • Tree of life (Judeo-Christian), a tree in the Garden of Eden whose fruit gives immortality.
  • Tree of Life (Latter-day Saints), a focal point in an important vision recorded in the Book of Mormon. In the vision the Tree of Life represents the love of God.
  • Tree of Life (Kabbalah), a mystical concept within the Kabbalah of Judaism which is used to understand the nature of God.
  • Tree of life (science), a metaphor used first by Charles Darwin and subsequently to describe the interrelatedness of all living things through evolution.
  • Tree of Life Web Project, a collaborative peer reviewed project begun in 1995 to provide information about the diversity and phylogeny of life on Earth.
  • Arborvitae (Latin for 'tree of life'), Thuja, a genus of coniferous trees in the Cupressaceae (cypress) family.
  • Arbor vitae (anatomy) (Latin for 'tree of life'), the cerebellar white matter, so called for its branched, tree-like appearance.
  • Arbol del Tule, a huge tree in Mexico also known as the 'Tree of Life'
  • Tree of Life (Disney), an artificial tree at Walt Disney World in Florida, with a cinema inside.
  • شجرة الحياة‎, a tree in Bahrain


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