Circles, disc and annulus

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English: A circle is the set of all points in a plane at a fixed distance, called the radius, from a fixed point, the centre.
For geometry of circle (conic section), see Category:Circle geometry or Circle (Geometry).


English: This shape, the interior of a circle, is called a disc.
Disc Plain black.svg
Plain Disc 90% grey.svg
Plain Disc 80% grey.svg
Plain Disc 70% grey.svg
Plain Disc 60% grey.svg
Plain Disc 50% grey.svg
Plain Disc 40% grey.svg
Plain Disc 30% grey.svg
Plain Disc 20% grey.svg
Plain Disc 10% grey.svg
Disc Plain lightgrey.svg
White dot.svg
Disc Plain red dark.svg
Disc Plain red.svg
Roundel of the Netherlands WW1.svg
Art Center College Logo.svg
Disc Plain amber.svg
Disc Plain yellow dark.svg
Disc Plain blue dark.svg
Disc Plain blue.svg
Disc Plain cyan.svg
Disc Plain green dark.svg
Disc Plain green.svg
Disc Plain yellow.svg
Disc Plain magenta.svg
FF0084 circle.svg
Holand cockade.svg


English: These are circles proper or, if not to neglect the line thickness, these are rings.
Cercle noir 100%.svg
Blue2F8CC2 circle 100%.svg
Cercle bleu 100%.svg
Cercle turquoise 100%.svg
Brown circle 100%.svg
Cercle jaune 100%.svg
YellowE9C91E circle 100%.svg
Cercle rouge 100%.svg
Orange circle 100%.svg
Green8ABF3C circle 100%.svg
Cercle vert 100%.svg
Cercle violet 100%.svg
Purple circle 100%.svg


White circle.png
Red circle.png
DarkOrange circle.png
Orange circle.png
Yellow circle.png
Green circle.png
Royalblue circle.png
Mediumblue circle.png
Blue circle.png
Navy-blue circle.png
Navy circle.png
Violet circle.png
Black circle.png
Cercle blanc 50%.svg
Cercle noir 50%.svg
Cercle rouge 50%.svg
Cercle violet 50%.svg
Cercle bleu 50%.svg
Cercle turquoise 50%.svg
Cercle vert 50%.svg
Cercle jaune 50%.svg