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Shortcut: COM:UNI This is intended to be a model for the subcategory structure of each university or college.


The scope of this project is to coordinate the following works:

  1. develop standards for the subcategory structure of individual universities/colleges
  2. organise and sort Category:Universities and colleges and its subcategories
  3. keep the top-categories Category:Universities and colleges, Category:Universities and colleges by country, etc. free of files

Category structure[edit]

For an individual university or college, this is the recommended category structure. "Wiki University" and similar names are used for example purposes. Key: Bold means that the category is expected for any university or college with a reasonably high number of files. Normal means that the category is optional and/or should be used only if applicable. Italics means that the category is disputed.

  • Category:Wiki University
    • Category:Aerial photographs of Wiki University
    • Category:Wiki University sports (contains subcategories for individual sports; name disputed)
    • Category:Colleges of Wiki University (for universities divided into colleges, as in the United Kingdom)
    • Category:Facilities of Wiki University
      • Category:Buildings of Wiki University (contains subcategories for individual buildings part of the university, as well as files depicting buildings which do not belong to any of the specific subcategories)
        • Category:Fraternity and sorority buildings of Wiki University
        • Category:Libraries of Wiki University
      • Category:Fountains in Wiki University
      • Category:Sculptures in Wiki University
      • Category:Wiki University campus (intended for universities/colleges with a main campus, typically in the United States; in this case, subcategories for buildings, etc. should go here)
    • Category:Events at Wiki University (contains files depicting people doing various activities at Wiki University, guest speakers, etc., or subcategories if a particular event has a large number of files)
    • Category:Historical images of Wiki University (scope disputed)
    • Category:Insignia of Wiki University (if free images available)
      • Category:Academic dress of Wiki University (replace "dress" with "regalia" in the United States)
    • Category:People of Wiki University
      • Category:Alumni of Wiki University
      • Category:Faculty of Wiki University
      • Category:Administrators of Wiki University
    • Category:Student organizations at Wiki University