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The Name Authority File (Personennamendatei or PND) was a register of unique identifiers for people, maintained by the German National Library. It was used on the German Wikipedia and by the Commons:Bundesarchiv project to identify individuals and to link to literature by and about these individuals.

To add a PND-link to a Commons picture, enter the following template, adapted to the person in question.

{{PND-link|118790536|Peters, Carl Dr.}}

The example is for Dr. Carl Peters, a German colonial officer. The number is the PND number, followed by surname, given name and title.

You can retrieve the PND number of the person on this page of the Deutsche National Bibliothek Deutsche National Bibliothek search page. Instead of "Suchbegriffe" (search items) enter the surname of the subject, kommata, given name, e.g. Peters, Carl. Then choose "Finden" (search). You will get 1 out of 10 search results from a total of 490. The PND number is usually the last result, so choose the double arrow link for fast forward to the end of the list. If there are various people with similar names, choose the correct person. In our example this is result 484 out of 490, Peters, Carl (Politiker). Choose the linked name to see the linked publications to this person. The number after "Link zu dieser Seite" is the actual PND number.

Since 2012 the former PND is part of the Universal Authority File (Gemeinsame Normdatei or GND).

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See de:Personennamendatei and de:Wikipedia:PND for more information on what the PND is and how it was used on the German language Wikipedia, respectively.