Doré's Bible Illustrations

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Bible illustrations with engravings by Gustave Doré, published in 1866. This is one of the most popular sets of Bible illustrations.

There might be several copies of each illustration available in Commons. The ones listed in this page is part of the complete set that were uploaded in 2010. For other copies of the same illustration, go to the illustration page, and find more under "Other versions" section.

You can also help and categorize illustration with multiple copies together, and list them here, just like the first one, Category:Creation of Light by Gustave Doré

Old Testament[edit]



Book of Joshua[edit]

Book of Judges[edit]


Books of Samuel[edit]

Books of Kings[edit]

Ezra and Nehemiah[edit]



The Prophets[edit]




Additions to Daniel[edit]

Books of the Maccabees[edit]

New Testament[edit]

Life of Christ[edit]

Birth and early years[edit]

John's & beginning of Jesus' ministry, Judean ministry[edit]

1st Tour and choice of the 12, Galilean ministry[edit]

Parables & denoicements begin, Galilean ministry[edit]

Sending of the 12; Feeding of the 5000, Galilean ministry[edit]

Travels outside Galilee; Confession of Christ, Outside Galilee[edit]

Later Judean ministry; Sending of the 72, Judean ministry[edit]

Teachings on the road, from Luke, Judean ministry[edit]

Perean ministry & approach to Jerusalem, Perean & Judean ministry[edit]

Passion week, Judean ministry[edit]

Last Supper, Judean ministry[edit]

Condemnation, Crucifiction, Burial; Judea[edit]

Resurrection, Appearances, Ascension[edit]

Acts and Letters[edit]