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The Passion of Christ[править]

Основная галерея: Passion of Christ.

You might want to see Structured gallery of Resurrection of Christ for religion related Easter gallery.

Easter decorations[править]

Easter Bunny[править]

See also: Easter Bunny

Easter Rooster[править]

Easter eggs[править]

See also: Easter eggs

Easter wells[править]

Deutsch: Osterbrunnen
English: Easter wells

See also: Easter fountain

Easter fire[править]

Deutsch: Osterfeuer
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Nederlands: Paasvuur
Suomi: Pääsiäiskokko
Svenska: Påskeld, påskbrasa

See also: Category: Easter fire

Easter traditions[править]

Easter food[править]

See also: Category: Easter food

Easter in art[править]

See also: Category: Easter in art

See also[править]