Passion of Christ

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Entry into Jerusalem[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Triumphal entry into Jerusalem.


The Anointing in Bethany / Feast in the house of Simon[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Anointing of Jesus Christ.


Pact of Judas[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Pact of Judas.

Last Supper[edit]

Preparing the Supper[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Passover preparation (Last Supper).

Passover preparation / Instructions for Passover

Jesus Christ washing the feet of the apostles (Lavatorio)[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Jesus Christ washing the feet of the apostles.

Last Supper[edit]

Main gallery: Last Supper.
Communion of the Apostles[edit]
Main gallery: Category:Communion of the Apostles.

Judas Retires[edit]

Saying Farewell[edit]

  • The Concluding Speech
  • A New Commandment
  • The Way to the Father
  • The Promise of the Holy Spirit
  • The Vine and the Branches
  • The Hate of the World
  • Grief That Will Turn to Joy

The High Priestly Prayer[edit]

Singing the Hymn[edit]


Road to the Gethsemane and Prediction of the Disciples' Flight[edit]

Agony in the Garden[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olives.

Kiss of Judas (before arrest)[edit]

Main gallery: category:Kiss of Judas (close-up).

Kiss of Judas with arrest of Christ[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Capture of Jesus Christ.

With soldiers

The Ear of Malchus[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Malchus.

The Young Man[edit]

Jesus taken to the High Priest[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Capture of Jesus Christ after Kiss of Judas.

Arrest after the kiss, without Judas

Following from Behind[edit]


Jesus in prison[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Jesus Christ in prison.

Jesus before Jews[edit]

Jesus before Annas[edit]

Main gallery: category:Annas.

Jesus before Caiaphas / the Sanhedrin[edit]

Main gallery: category:Jesus before Caiaphas.

Mocked by Jews[edit]

Main gallery: category:First mocking of Christ (at Caiaphas).

1st moking (without crown of thorns and flagellation). According to the accounts of the evangelists, the first scene (before the Sanhedrin) includes spitting, beating, covering of the face, and mockery

Peter's Denial[edit]

Main gallery: Peter's denial.

1st Denial (Peter and maid)[edit]

Main gallery: category:First Denial of Saint Peter.

At Caiaphas

2n Denial (Peter at the fire)[edit]

Main gallery: category:Second Denial of Saint Peter.

3rd Denial (Peter's cock)[edit]

Main gallery: category:Third Denial of Saint Peter.

Peter at sorrow[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Sorrow of Saint Peter.

1st Pilate's Judgement[edit]

Jesus led from Caiaphas to Pilate[edit]

Trial before Pilate[edit]

Jesus Before Pilate - 1st Interview

Main gallery: category:Christ before Pilate.


Jesus led from Pilate to Herod[edit]

Jesus before Herod[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Jesus Christ before Herod.


Main gallery: category:Second mocking of Christ (at Herod).

Jesus reciving new clothing from Herod

Jesus led from Herod to Pilate[edit]

Final Trial before Pilate[edit]

Jesus Before Pilate - 2nd Interview. Herod give him bright clothes

Jesus shown to the crowd 1st time[edit]

Mocked by soldiers[edit]

Main gallery: category:Final mocking of Christ (at Pilatus).

2nd moking. The scene at Pilate's also contains the elements of the robe, the crown of thorns, and the staff. The mockery by Pilate's soldiers is not mentioned by Luke, but he connects a similar scene, including the element of the robe, to the Herod questioning.


The Scourging

Christ at the Column[edit]
Main gallery: category:Christ at the Column.
Flagellation of Jesus Christ[edit]
Main gallery: category:Flagellation of Jesus Christ.
Christ after the Flagellation[edit]
Main gallery: Category:Christ after the Flagellation.
Crowned with thorns[edit]
Main gallery: category:Jesus Christ being crowned with thorns.
After coronation[edit]

Ecce homo[edit]

Jesus shown to the crowd 2nd time

Main gallery: category:Ecce homo.

Letter from Pilate's wife[edit]

Main gallery: category:Claudia Procula.

Jesus or Barabbas?[edit]

Main gallery: Barabbas.

Washing hands[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Pilate washing his hands.
Jesus is condemned to death[edit]
Main gallery: category:Jesus is condemned to death.

Judas' end[edit]

Remorseful Judas[edit]

Judas returns the money[edit]

Main gallery: category:Judas returns the money.

The Death of Judas[edit]

Main gallery: Judas hangs himself.

Stations of the Cross / The Road to Golgotha / Way to Calvary[edit]

Main gallery: category:Stations of the Cross.

Jesus is given his cross[edit]

Main gallery: category:Station 2: Jesus is given his cross.

Jesus Christ bearing the Cross[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Jesus Christ bearing the Cross.

Procession to Calvary[edit]

Main gallery: Category:The Procession to Calvary.

Jesus falls the first time[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Station 3: Jesus falls the first time.

Jesus meets His Mother[edit]

Main gallery: category:Jesus meets His Mother.

Simon of Cyrene carries the cross[edit]

Main gallery: category:Simon of Cyrene.

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus[edit]

Main gallery: category: Station 6: Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

Jesus falls the second time[edit]

Main gallery: category:Station 7: Jesus falls the second time.

Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem[edit]

Main gallery: category:Station 8: Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem.

Jesus falls the third time[edit]

Main gallery: category: Station 9: Jesus falls the third time.

Jesus Taken from the Cistern[edit]


Main gallery: Category:Disrobement of Christ.

The Vase of Myrrh and Gall[edit]

The Crucifixion[edit]

Main gallery: Crucifixion of Christ.

Pensive Christ[edit]

Mostly allegorical.

Main gallery: category:Pensive Christ.

Nailed to the cross[edit]

Main gallery: category:Nailing to the Cross.

Raising of the Cross[edit]

Main gallery: category:Raising of the Cross.

Jesus Derided on the Cross[edit]

Adding the INRI title

The Two Thieves[edit]

Main gallery: category:Between the felons.

The Pardon of the Good Thief

Dice for Christ's robe[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Dice for Christ's Robe.

Witnesses of the Crucifixion[edit]

The Disciples Having Left Their Hiding Place Watch from Afar in Agony

Seven words on the cross[edit]

Main gallery: category:Seven words on the cross.
  1. Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.
  2. Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.
  3. Woman, behold your son. Behold your mother.
  4. My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?
  5. I thirst.
  6. It is finished.
  7. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.

Stabat mater[edit]

Main gallery: category:Stabat mater.

The Death of Jesus[edit]

Main gallery: category:Station 12: Jesus dies on the cross.
Wine Vinegar on a Stick[edit]

"I Thirst" The Vinegar Given to Jesus

It Is Finished (Consummatum Est)[edit]
Curtain, Earthquake, Raising of Dead[edit]

The Centurion[edit]

Confession of Saint Longinus[edit]

They Beat Their Breasts[edit]

Breaking the legs (Crurifragium)[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Breaking the legs (Golgotha).

The Thieves Legs Are Broken

Jesus' Side Pierced (Holy Lance)[edit]

Mater Dolorosa[edit]

Burial of Christ[edit]

Joseph of Arimathaea receives the permission to remove the body[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Joseph of Arimathea before Pilate.

Felons removed[edit]

Jesus Alone on the Cross

Descent from the Cross / Deposition[edit]

Main gallery: category:Descent from the Cross.

Fainting Virgin Mary[edit]

Main gallery: category:Fainting Virgin Mary.

In scenes of simply Crucifixion, Depositon and some other

Lamentation of Christ[edit]

Main gallery: category:Lamentation of Christ.


Main gallery: category:Pietà.
Engelpieta with Man of Sorrow[edit]
Pieta with Arma Christi[edit]

Man of sorrows[edit]

Main gallery: category:Man of Sorrows.

Carring the body[edit]

Preparation for Entombment of Christ (Anointing Stone)[edit]

Main gallery: category:Preparation for Entombment of Christ.

Entombment of Christ[edit]

Main gallery: category:Entombment of Christ.

Guardians of Jesus' tomb[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Sleeping guards at the tomb of Christ.

Harrowing of Hell (Descent of Christ to Limbo)[edit]

Main gallery: Category:Harrowing of Hell.

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