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作者 Namikawa Yasuyuki (Japan, 1845-1927)
タイトル Demonstration Set of Cloisonne Technique
Japan, 19th century
Furnishings; Accessories
Six plaques in fitted wood box; (a) design drawn on copper ground in red; (b) silver wires attached to ground; (c) enamel partially filled in; (d) more enamel filled in ; (e) enamel over-filled so wires are submerged; (f) final product stoned and polished to mirror
1 1/2 x 2 in. (3.8 x 5 cm) each
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tosk (M.91.251.3a-f)
Japanese Art
Currently on public view: Pavilion for Japanese Art, floor 2
日付 19世紀
台帳番号 M.91.251.3a-f


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